Saturday, 15 June 2013

The purpose of life

This is my first blog post and I am very happy to help you slick up your life. One of the most fundamental things about changing ones life is to understand why you want to do it; which is in direct alignment with the purpose of your existence.

I have only recently began to understand the purpose of life and it has been an exhilarating journey. As a child who was born in Germany, lived in Ghana, back to Germany and ultimately lives in the UK;  I have seen a lot of different lifestyles, socioeconomic statuses, religious beliefs and cultural conflicts. What the purpose of life is, has been one of the questions I asked my self constantly whiles growing up. I wondered why there is so much hatred? why there are so many killings? why there is so much war?. why people die young and others live long lives? why there is so much suffering and pain? Why the world is such a jangled up mess?

With these questions pressing on my conscience at a tender age, I felt the only way I could understand the world is to understand the intentions of the Creator of the world; or literately to understand the mind of God. Now, my little knowledge and experiences have allowed me to understand that God created humans to live a life of Love and expansion. I personally call this the three L's. Love, Learn and Leap. These three L's over these years has thought me to relax and take on the challenges of the world, especially with the confidence that I will get all my support from GOD as it is in line with His ultimate purpose for us.

The primary aim of this blog will be to share my thoughts and experiences with you on what God expects from us and how we can fulfill our dreams and desires to be happy.